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Here at Find That FIlm, we don’t just love the finely crafted, innovating, or Oscar caliber movies. Oh no, we like the cheesy stuff too. So it is with episode 17 of season five: The Cutting Edge. This is the second Paul Michael Glaser movie we’ve covered and it has similar shortcomings. It also displays his strengths—don’t worry.

Glaser, an entertaining actor I’m sure you all recognize (no?), is strongest when he’s directing small screen fare. He understands television direction and acting better than theatrical directing. I suspect it’s why his films always feel a bit like TV movies. For instance, his framing suits the small screen better than the widescreen. However, he’s great at getting the scene, the shot, the actor’s best take. As cheesy as his movie may be, the actors give great performances for him.

That’s the true strength of The Cutting Edge. D.B. Sweeney and Moira Kelly have some of the best chemistry we’ve ever seen. Their spark coupled with Tony GIlroy‘s script give this movie an enjoyable Taming of the Shrew vibe. Roy Dotrice gives his usual strong performance and adds heart as the coach (a nice ice skating coach, what?). Terry O’Quinn and Dwier Brown round out the main cast.

The masses love this movie because it makes ice skating look as hard and tough as hockey and because of D.B. and Moira. It’s a fantastically fun look at the ridiculous girl-hates-boy, boy-hates-girl, oh!-we’re-in-love story. Plus, they wear awful late 80s/early 90s fashion (Take a shot every time you see a wind breaker).

This is a great little soda and popcorn movie. You can watch this with the family or alone with cookie dough. It’s oddly satisfying. Sign your kids up for hockey, find it cost prohibitive, decide on skating, find it time prohibitive, then give up and find that film The Cutting Edge.

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