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Season five episode 18 is 1984’s Dune. We know it’s a divisive movie for Dune fans but we’d like you to give it a chance. David Lynch brought a unique angle to the telling of the universe’s spice battle. And we dare you not to fall under¬†Francesca Annis‘s spell as Lady Jessica.

Frank Herbert‘s Dune has held a spot in the top five science fiction novels for more than 50 years. It tells the tale of a young royal leading an underground force to disrupt the corrupt regime after the murder of his father. The massive first novel in his series was squeezed into one feature length film after 15 years in development hell. The result is a mixed bag of book details and new concepts to shortcut the lengthy backstory. The whole is worth the time.

Many people have forever linked this cast to these characters. Kyle MacLachlan broke into Hollywood (and Lynch’s crew) as Paul. It’s a tricky way to begin a career. Jurgen Prochnow and Francesca Annis make a gorgeous and believable Duke Leto and Lady Jessica. Even though some odd choices were made about the depiction of Reverend Mother Mohiam, Sian Phillips was perfectly cast.¬†For my money, the bizarrely cast Everett McGill is a joy as Stilgar (joyful Stilgar?). Freddie Jones, Linda Hunt, and Jose Ferrer add depth and legitimacy to the movie. Dune has a massive cast which includes a naive Sean Young and a misused Dean Stockwell.

Great care was taken in making the Fremen and the desert hard and unforgiving. Bob Ringwood, the costume team, and the art direction team created believable stillsuits and fantastic wardrobes and sets. Toto‘s music is almost more memorable than the movie itself. The worms. Puppetry and miniatures are hard, but for the most part, they come across as massive creatures to respect.

Grab a few friends, or your kids, and introduce them to a classic story. Have a drink or two to get the spice flowing and find that film Dune.

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