Find That Film: Miller’s Crossing

Yes, we’re still in season five. I know. It’s on me. I’m sorry. ManWithPez has been chomping at the bit to do an Albert Finney movie and here I sit too tired write. He watched Tom Jones for the first time and he mostly enjoyed it. Our youngest was introduced to Annie. We considered Big Fish and Murder on the Orient Express. In the end, I insisted his suggestion of Miller’s Crossing was perfect. Without further ado, episode 21: Miller’s Crossing.

You really can’t go too wrong with a Coen brothers’ film. This is one of their gritty, dark, and bloody stories not their quirky, comedy filled tall tales. Except for the moments out in Miller’s Crossing, it’s a dark film of browns and blacks. Corruption and mob justice steer a city thirsty for drinks and gambling.

Gabriel Byrne is the right hand man to Finney’s Leo, the boss. They disagree about what to do with Verna’s (Marcia Gay Harden) cheat brother (John Turturro). Leo doesn’t want to upset his lady love. Jon Polito and J E Freeman are some of the best antagonists in film and no one could of played their roles better. It’s also one of the few films I’ve watched where half the characters are gay and no one gives a rat’s ass. It’s refreshing. This story has all the twists and double-crosses you’d expect with a Coen property.

If you love fedoras and a tommy gun wielding Albert Finley, you need to find that film Miller’s Crossing.

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