Backstage at the Bedroom: The Storm

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Not actual picture of the storm. Not taken by us.

Arghh! There have been some big overnight storms in our area over the last week. One of those loud downpours Tuesday night had some electric teeth to it. We thought he just lost power for a minute or two. Oh no, no such luck. We lost our A/C. We lost our router and cable. We lost a few other minor things that simply bother me but did’t disrupt our lives like the aforementioned A/C and internet.

ManWithPez rushed out to the store to pick up new hardware as soon as the paycheck had cleared. It was worse than we thought. The cable man made it out on Saturday night and replaced everything. He had to drop all new wire for the house. We were well and truly fried, dear readers. Anyway, we’re up now. So, episode four is coming soon.

P.S. We still don’t have air. It sucks.

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