A short history of


Snitches Crazy

It’s Harry Potter night!

After years of using the alias on various message boards and LJ, I secured the domain in 2009.

The site was a way for me to say ridiculous stuff which ThatWeirdGirl insisted was wasted on her. Also I was quite good at embarrassing my children in spoof videos. I love you!

TwoGeeksInBed Reception

It was a suggestion!

I crashed the server a few times with my Mythbuster drinking games and wrote numerous Nerd Icon vs X Chuck Norris. I was hilarious.

We married, finally, in 2011 and our home burned down 30 days later. Let’s start over!

The idea for TwoGeeksInBed had been simmering for a while as well as several podcast ideas. I wrote a story. ThatWeirdGirl loves it. Someday we’ll get around to recording the serial.

ManWithPez ReadI continue to try to survive as a Librarian and still make movie podcasts for you. You really need to see these movies. Not every deserving film is on an expert’s top 100 list.

We’re talking about getting back to our roots and having more fun with the site. Keep your fingers crossed we get our sh!t together and take it to the sh!t store.


*The archive has some of the old posts. Unfortunately, ThatWeirdGirl lost quite a bit of the data when we had our fire.